Welcome to Eldorado Motor Services - a complete model bus & coach fleet in 1:76 scale.

News Headlines:  New Double Deckers / East Cheshire Coaches Acquired

Eldorado Motors is a fleet of model buses and coaches in 1:76 scale. This is the same scale as 'OO' gauge model railways, and is also known as 4mm scale (a scale where 4mm on the model is equivalent to one foot on the real thing).

The fleet has been built up over the years by Model Bus Federation (MBF) member Dave Jessop, and is one of many such fleets among the membership of the MBF. News of such fleets appears regularly in the MBF Fleet Operators Supplement.

Eldorado is based in the fictitious town of Kirton, a medium-sized town supposedly somewhere in Cheshire, around 20 miles South of Manchester, with services which include both town centre and rural routes. With the express services to places like London and Manchester, plus the Tours and Private Hire requirements, this means that a wide variety of vehicle types is required.

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Last update 23/11/23  
(East Cheshire news added: News and Fleet Lists updated)