Buses and Coaches for Sale

Eldorado Sales & Service has the following new vehicles for sale.
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Scania Omnicity

A selection of 4 Scania CN230UB buses with Scania OmniCity bodywork.  Three are single-door B42F and the fourth is dual-door B37D.  Interiors are grey, with light grey seats (single door) or blue seats (dual door).  All are supplied in white primer.

These are CMNL diecasts fitted with new fronts and rears to represent the post-2006 version of the OmniCity, as per Eldorado 228-230 - see below.

32.50 each plus P & P at cost.

Update: 3 remaining - 2 single door, 1 dual door.

Scania / Irizar PB Executive


A choice of two 14m 3-axle Scania Ks, with Irizar PB bodywork to executive specification, with 31 seats in a 2+1 layout with tables, kitchen area with microwave, and 4-screen audio-visual system, with the layout as shown below. One has a brown / red interior, the other grey / blue, with exterior in white primer.

These are Oxford Diecast models, with a completely new interior, with 2+1 seating arranged around tables, each with its own table lamp.  In the centre of the centre of the vehicle, as well as the usual hot/cold drinks dispenser an toilet/washroom, there is a preparation area complete with storage cupboards and microwave. Overhead aircraft-style luggage lockers have been added.  Replacement grille transfers are included.

They are the same as the Eldorado example (below) except that they retain the original Oxford wheels.

Note: Luggage racks (lockers), mirrors, headlight units, grilles etc are not fitted at this stage but are included in the pack.

45.00 each plus P & P at cost.